Through our “promotion” actions we do not only aspire to promote our organization, but we also set the goal to turn the focus to the Commercial Engineering program and the students. Throughout your entire career at the Solvay Business School you will be followed up and supported by our motivated team, which is at your disposal continually.

Solvay Promotion Group

Before you started your studies at Solvay, there is a big chance that you already ran into the Solvay Promotion Group team. They attend all the SID-ins in Flanders and are present at every info day at the campus. This gives future students the chance to ask specific questions to students who already have some experience with studying Commercial Engineering at the Solvay Business School. Furthermore they also provide support at the next decision making moment within the program, which is making a good choice within all the available master courses.


Even after your graduation, Inisol will always be there for you through our alumni activities. We make sure that the alumni can get into contact with the students by communicating information about our alumni events, to those who are interested. For this purpose we work closely together with our sister organization at the ULB.

We are looking forward to help you with all your questions and to welcome you at Solvay Business School!

Solvay Promotion Group

Maxime Atilio, François Beernaert, Inas Djelloul and Kevin Waes