Inisol Consulting Team

The Inisol Consulting Team nurtures a close partnership with the Solvay Consulting Club aimed at giving VUB and ULB students opportunities to get acquainted with the consulting world.

Benefits for students: By attending our information sessions and workshops, students will be able to make more informed career decisions as they will be more aware of the many possibilities in the consulting industry. It will also allow them to expand their social network.

Moreover, students can apply to participate in an 8-weeks consulting mission under guidance of partner consulting companies. Motivated students are selected and will work together in teams to formulate solutions for real-life business problems that our partner clients face nowadays. This is a great learning experience that sharpens the students’ analytical and soft skills, which prepares them to start a career after graduation.

  • Would you like more information on info sessions, workshops, consulting missions or the consulting industry in general: do not hesitate to contact Sofija Relic via

Benefits for companies: Our partnership also benefits consulting and other companies as it allows them to reach out to future job candidates and to be inspired by the business solutions developed by high potential VUB and ULB students.

  • Should you be interested in being a consulting coach for students, giving a workshop/info session or being a client for future consulting missions, or would you like more information: do not hesitate to contact Sofija Relic via