Inisol is the Initiative Group Solvay. Our association consists of masterstudents in commercial engineering and is attached to the Solvay Business School of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Inisol’s activities are categorized in three domains.

Practical experience

Being a Business Engineering student, it is increasingly important to have a complete set of skills once you’re ready to proceed to the job market. Inisol contributes by organizing practical activities complementary to the theoretical courses of the Solvay Business School. Our top project is the annual trade mission, a valuable course at the faculty. During the academic year 2018-2019, the trade mission will be organized for the 28th time. This year its destination will be Colombia.

The second domain is our Job- & Internship Fair that we organize annually, where students are able to get into contact with big and less big companies. In this way, they are able to find a trainee post or job in an interactive way.

The management of Inisol consists each year of a number of future entrepreneurs. That way, new initiatives are regularly organized like our Solvay ScholarShip Cup. This event needs to help future students business engineering to find their way to the VUB. The winner of this competition earns the registration fee for the 3 year bachelor degree of Business Engineering at the Free University of Brussels.

Corporate relations

Inisol supports professional relations between on the one hand Business Engineering students and on the other hand the corporate world. In this perspective, we organize weekly Business Forum, the campus recruitment activity at the VUB. These events present the perfect opportunity for students to be introduced to various companies, with positive results for both parties. Of course is our Job- and Internship Fair the perfect moment for students to make their first contact with companies. Furthermore, we partially close the gap between the academic and the corporate world by arranging company visits, alumni and other network events. This enables students to build up their own network which can be useful in their professional career.

Information by and for students

Students remain our most important stakeholders. Before, during and after their studies we share information via newsletters, brochures and events. A person starting as a commercial engineering student already knows Inisol due to the presence of our Solvay Promotion Group (SPG) at information days and SID-ins. Finally, our students receive information from young professionals through special alumni events and we keep contact with graduated students.

We are looking forward to the new academic year and wish all members of the board of Inisol, our business partners and the students a successful and productive year!

Laura Molinari
President of Inisol 2018-2019
Jeroen Kessels
Vice President of Inisol 2018-2019