Inisol’s trade mission has built a trustworthy reputation over the last years. Because of this, our trade missions to Morocco and Vietnam are supported by a number of meaningful politicians and business executives. Below you will find some extracts from the letters of support we received. You can find the original letters in our brochure (the brochure is in Dutch).

Charles Michel Prime Minister

“I wish commercial engineers every success for their trade mission. This project is useful not only for promoting the image of our country but also for creating relations between Belgian and Moroccan companies!”

Claire Tillekaerts Managing Director Flanders Investment & Trade

“The past has taught us that the assignments of the participating companies require intensive study and work, that the academic guidance is intense and the final result has a high utility value.” (Translated)

Caroline Pauwels Rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“The knowledge gathered and contacts made locally travel back with our students and enables the companies in Flanders to pursue specific objectives. This initiative hopefully deserves your attention and encouragement. I am convinced that our students will provide you with sufficient guidance.” (Translated)

Joël Branson Dean Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging countries, with a very young population and an increasingly skilled labor market. Vietnam is strongly committed to international trade, with many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, including with the EU. I would be delighted if you could appeal to our students to explore the opportunities and risks of Vietnam for your company or organization.” (Translated)

Sven Gatz Brussels minister of
Finance, Budget, Civil Service and Multilingualism

“I fully support this initiative that can promote the Belgian companies in Vietnam and that brings the students closer to the businesses” (Translated)
Herman De Croo Minister of State, continuously elected as Member of Parliament since 1968, Former Minister and Former Chamber President

“At many Belgian companies, established there, the diplomatic contacts back and forth in all areas, even military and police, distinguish Morocco in a positive way from many other Islam-supported nations. The country deserves an attentive visit” (Translated)

Wouter Beke Federal Minister of Work

“Vietnam is a country with many opportunities in which Belgium is a star, such as food, machinery, infrastructure and services. The trade mission of INISOL can give you an insight into how your company can surf on the above broad macroeconomic movements. We wish you a successful participation” (Translated)

Ben Weyts Flemish Minister for Mobility, Public Works, Vlaamse Rand, Foreign Policy, Tourism and Animal Welfare

“I wish the students of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel every success in Casablanca and Hanoi. Morocco and Vietnam are interesting markets for products from Flanders and you will find many potential business partners there. A trade mission offers opportunities to put yourself on the map, to build relationships and to gain useful practical experience. It starts with contacts, but it can end with contracts” (Translated)
Herman Van Rompuy President emeritus of the European Council

“Through this trade mission, students are given the opportunity to carry out assignments for Belgian companies in a partner country with a growing economic interest. For the
students participating in it is a cultural enrichment and a unique practical experience. The cross-border nature of this mission also makes it interesting from a European perspective.” (Translated)
Karel De Gucht Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Prime Minister and European Commissioner
“The work and preparation that goes into such missions is intense but once you witness it being put into practice – the one-to-one exchanges, the art of negotiating, the global coverage and the satisfaction of a deal being struck – it is just an exhilarating experience.”
Pascal Smet State Secretary for Urbanism, European and International Affairs, Foreign Trade, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Assistance

“I fully support this initiative that can promote the Belgian companies in Hanoi and that brings the students closer to the businesses.” (Translated)

Rudi Vervoortt Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region

“I would like to congratulate Inisol for organizing this trade mission to Casablanca, in a region with which Brussels and Belgium have close cooperative relations in many fields. This type of initiative obviously helps to make our country and its capital shine” (Translated)

Peter Van Biesbroeck General director VOKA

“With this initiative, companies have an excellent opportunity to explore a previously unknown market and learn to discover its possibilities, by using the know-how of a group of motivated quasi-graduate business engineers.” (Translated)
Danny Van Assche Managing Director UNIZO

“Export is the most important possibility for additional growth of the Belgian SME from a small home market. The mission goes to Hanoi, Vietnam this time. An excellent choice because this country has a lot to offer our SMEs. The trade mission will once again be a success. I am convinced of that.” (Translated)
Alexander De Croo Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

“The trade mission to Bogotá gives Solvay students the opportunity to acquire international practical experience. This mission offers Flemish companies a unique opportunity to explore a growing market that is characterized by, among other things, a rapidly growing middle class.” (Translated)

Bernard Clerfayt Minister of Employment, Animal Welfare, Digital Transition and Local Authorities

“The holding of this trade mission is not only an opportunity for our companies to seize economic opportunities but it also offers the opportunity for participating students to confront the realities of professional life. This application of the knowledge acquired on the university benches is essential in a young person’s career. I wish the students every success and invite you to take part in this trade mission to Casablanca.” (Translated)

Philippe Muyters Flemish Minister for Work, Economy, Innovation and Sport

“This mission offers the final year Commercial Engineering students of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel the opportunity to convert their acquired knowledge into practical experience and to make their first contacts in the business world. In addition, it offers the opportunity for our Flemish companies to rely on the new insights of our future generation of Commercial Engineers. I am therefore happy to support this initiative that can promote our businesses in Morocco and bring students closer to business” (Translated)