Here you can find a few testimonials from companies who have already participated to our trade mission.


Unilin (Kenya 2018)
“The Inisol trade mission was a good opportunity for Unilin to get extra market info on Kenya. Even though we were already active in the market, the elaborated report brought some valuable new contacts and insights that will definitely help us to develop our business in Kenya further.” 
Marie Wieleman, Talent Acquisition Specialist Unilin
Cortina (Kenya 2018)

“Safety Jogger, safety shoes is part of the family business Cortina from Oudenaarde. Where, as a company, we are not always eager to use trainees, we have done so in the case of Inisol. It was a very positive experience for us. Inisol has a no-nonsense and result-oriented approach. This, in combination with a passionate and enthusiastic trainee, has worked very well for us. The student has brought us a number of new clients, measurable results and a well-founded market study.” (Translated)

Wim Vanderschueren, Director Safety Jogger – Cortina

ArcelorMittal (Kenya 2018)

“The student has mastered the solution that ArcelorMittal wants to apply to the market in Kenya and has ‘marketed’ it very well among the potential customers in Kenya. In addition, he approached a large range of clients, from government to contractors. The student has always given feedback about his meetings with the clients. With the information that the student has gathered on the spot, he has made a good-sounding final report, together with all the visit reports. There are many valuable contacts, which the student has visited, handed over to ArcelorMittal.” (Translated)
William van der Heiden, Area Manager at ArcelorMittal Projects Africa

Sarens (Indonesia 2017)

“The Inisol Trademission enabled us to make a ‘deep dive’ into the Indonesian market for heavy lift and heavy transport due to the academic and professional approach. The result met our expectations and was ideal to further exploit with our local people.” (Translated)

Gert Hendrickx, Sales Director Projects Sarens

Recticel (Indonesia 2017)

“It was the first time we participated at the Trade Mission organized by Inisol.  The approach, the preparation of the mission to Jakarta was done with enthusiasm and dedication.  The final report we received was of very high quality and based on efficient and sound market research.”

Rebecca Vandamme, Marketing Assistant Export Recticel

Katoen Natie (China 2015)

“The cooperation with the Initiatiefgroep Solvay at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel was an extremely instructive and pleasant experience for Katoen Natie. This ambitious group of young commercial engineers has shaped a nice image of the many commercial possibilities within the Chinese growth regions Chengdu-Chongqing with the necessary passion and dedication. This region was until recently an unexploited area for Katoen Natie Port Operations. We are sure that thanks to this mission, new interesting commercial contracts will arise.”

Joos Melis, Commercial Director Katoen Natie

Luciad (Kenya 2014)

“Luciad was really pleased with the organization and the effectiveness of the Inisol trade mission. Especially the efforts of the student, which have enabled Luciad to quickly develop contacts and opportunities in the Kenyan market, a market in which Luciad was not active yet.”

Riordon Kossen, Sales Manager Luciad

Hera (Kenya 2014)

“Hera is a niche player in international healthcare worldwide. While we are active in Kenya for years, the mission was still very relevant to us because of the many changes in the Kenyan health care that have recently taken place, and also because of the role of Nairobi as a coordination center for projects in neighboring countries like Somalia and Ethiopia. The intensive preparation of the student, but also the professional support of the INISOL team, have led to the great result of this mission: ​​a thorough market analysis with an overview of potential partners and a detailed action plan, tailored to our business.” (Translated)

Martine Vandermeulen, Director Hera


Double PASS (Colombia 2013)

“The board of directors of Double PASS was very pleased with the report they got from the Inisol- student! It provides a clear overview of the opportunities and obstacles for future business in Columbia. It was presented in a very professional way and facilitated the board in taking the right strategic decisions.”

Hugo Schoukens, CEO Double Pass

Antea Group (Colombia 2013)

“Antea Group looks back with satisfaction on this experience with the Inisol team. Flexibility of the set-up, clear agreements and no-nonsense approach of the student are the core concepts that I will remember. Using Kate as a ‘sign board’ of our company was quite risky at the start of the assignment, but the student succeeded completing the assignment and opening a number of doors.” (Translated)
Renaat De Sutter, Contract Manager Water Antea Group

OTN Systems (Colombia 2013)

“As you know, this year we carried out a successful trade mission in Colombia in cooperation with Inisol. This mission was particularly interesting for OTN Systems because our company had only limited market presence in Colombia. INISOL gave us the opportunity to execute a market survey and to meet potential customers and partners in Colombia against a feasible fee.
The first week I also visited a number of potential partners together with one of the students. The way in which the student has dealt with professionally from the start during the meetings with these partners has given me the necessary comfort and confidence to have the student independently represent our company during the following two weeks of the mission.
OTN Systems has now been able to identify two partners in Colombia and five possible projects within a period of a few months after the mission, thanks to the structured approach and personal commitment of the student.
The motivation of the student and his excellent reporting also convinced the entire management of OTN systems of the usefulness of this mission.
We are therefore very pleased with the good guidance and organization of INISOL. It is a rich experience for the student but also for our company.
You do not get the best out of the others by putting them to the fire, but by stirring the fire inside them.” (Translated)
Mark Pauwels, Sales Manager at MEA & Colombia OTN Systems

Contigo (Turkey 2012)

“Contigo was looking for a distributor in Turkey. This was the start between Inisol and Contigo! And it has been a good collaboration from start to finish. The doors that open thanks to the contacts and the manpower that Inisol has at its disposal, can not be underestimated. Moreover, the cost is very limited,to approach this nevertheless difficult market. A good preparation, job description and especially the student’s effort have contributed so that we are currently in the final phase to begin delivering to Turkey.” (Translated)

Tom Hoogmartens, General Manager Contigo