Inisol’s trade mission has built a trustworthy reputation over the last years. Because of this, our trade mission to Colombia is supported by a number of meaningful politicians and business executives. Below you will find some extracts from the letters of support we received. You can find the original letters in our brochure (the brochure is in Dutch).

Charles Michel Prime Minister

“The students who will be taking part in this project will be able to benefit from the enriching contacts made throughout the mission. This is a valuable experience that will boost their future professional careers. I wish the sales engineers of the Solvay Initiative Group (Inisol) the greatest success for their trade mission. This project will not only promote our country’s image but also create links between Belgian and Colombian businesses!”


Claire Tillekaerts Managing Director Flanders Investment & Trade

“The past has taught us that the assignments of the participating companies require intensive study and work, that the academic guidance is intense and the final result has a high utility value.” (Translated)


Caroline Pauwels Rector Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“The knowledge gathered and contacts made locally travel back with our students and enables the companies in Flanders to pursue specific objectives. This initiative hopefully deserves your attention and encouragement. I am convinced that our students will provide you with sufficient guidance.” (Translated)


Joël Branson Dean Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Solvay Business School from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

“I would be pleased if you would appoint Solvay business engineers to explore the opportunities and risks of the Colombian market for your company. I can warmly recommend our ‘Solvayers’.” (Translated)


Jana Zikmundova Ambassador of Belgium in Colombia

“In conclusion, I can state that, in my opinion, this trade mission – organized by an association for and by motivated Master’s students Commercial Engineering at the VUB / Solvay Business School – offers an excellent opportunity to approach the Colombian market in the right way.” (Translated)


Herman De Croo Minister of State, continuously elected as Member of Parliament since 1968, Former Minister and Former Chamber President

“It is good that an important Belgian university faculty such as Solvay is conducting an exciting trade mission. Like Alexander De Croo, now almost 5 years vice premier, alumnus of Solvay and only started his political career after having proven that he could develop his own business flourishingly. I wish you all good luck.” (Translated)


Kris Peeters Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Work, Economy and Consumers, in charge of Foreign Trade

“In recent years, this formula has proven its success and companies also have
clear interest to explore a new market with the help of the students. Latin America and Colombia in particular, offer many export opportunities to Belgian companies and deserve extra attention from our companies. Inisol offers an interesting opportunity to do this.” (Translated)


Pieter De Crem State Secretary for Foreign Trade

“With Colombia they opted for an interesting, growing market in South America and therefore an excellent choice for a trade mission. Colombia is currently a modest trading partner for Belgium, which means there is still a considerable margin for improvement in the trade relations between our countries.” (Translated)


Didier Reynders Minister of Foreign Affairs

“In September 2017, during my last meeting with my counterpart in Brussels, we welcomed the fact that our countries share many common values ​​that facilitate cooperation, both bilaterally and in international fora. I am therefore delighted to see twenty Belgian students undertake, as every year, a trade mission in partnership with our companies in a country with high potential.” (Translated)


Karel De Gucht Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Prime Minister and European Commissioner
“The work and preparation that goes into such missions is intense but once you witness it being put into practice – the one-to-one exchanges, the art of negotiating, the global coverage and the satisfaction of a deal being struck – it is just an exhilarating experience.”


Herman Van Rompuy Former President of the European Council

“For the participating students, it is a cultural enrichment and a unique practical experience. The cross-border nature of this mission also makes it interesting from a European perspective.” (Translated)


Johan Van Overtveldt Minister of Finance and Fiscal Fraud Prevention

“The success of our SMEs is indispensable for our economy. For that reason I extend my support to this creative and efficient partnership with great enthusiasm.” (Translated)


Peter Van Biesbroeck and Sabine Soetens General directors VOKA

“With this initiative, companies have an excellent opportunity to explore a previously unknown market and learn to discover its possibilities, by using the know-how of a group of motivated quasi-graduate business engineers.” (Translated)


Danny Van Assche Managing Director UNIZO

“Export is the most important possibility for additional growth of the Belgian SME from a small home market. The mission goes to Bogotá this time, capital of Colombia. An excellent choice because this country has a lot to offer our SMEs. The trade mission will once again be a success. I am convinced of that.” (Translated)


Alexander De Croo Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecom and Post

“The trade mission to Bogotá gives Solvay students the opportunity to acquire international practical experience. This mission offers Flemish companies a unique opportunity to explore a growing market that is characterized by, among other things, a rapidly growing middle class.” (Translated)


Geert Bourgeois Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister for Foreign Policy and Immovable Heritage

“The mission to Colombia provides an excellent opportunity for our companies to explore this challenging market with the help of dynamic young people. In an increasingly globalized world, young people and entrepreneurs need to be more aware of what is happening in (distant) foreign countries.” (Translated)


Philippe Muyters Flemish Minister for Work, Economy, Innovation and Sport

“Colombia is known as one of the most enterprising countries in South America. In addition, Flemish companies are showing increasing interest in Colombia, which makes Bogota the right destination for Trade Mission 2019. I fully support this initiative that can promote our companies in Colombia and bring students closer to business.” (Translated)