Inisol gives the chance to a team of business engineering graduate students to represent the Belgian economy in an upcoming economy for a period of three weeks. The destination this year is Colombia, with Bogotá as operating base. The trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia increased the number of opportunities for Belgian organisations, which makes Colombia a promising market for Belgian companies. According to short-term estimates for Colombia, an economical growth of 3.3% is expected for 2019, rising to 3.6% in 2020. These numbers are in line with Colombia’s underlying growth potential.

We offer your company an extensive range of services and possibilities to explore and exploit the market in Colombia. For instance, we can help you with import, export, market research, tap into new markets and many other tasks that align with your company’s needs and wishes. Below you can find some of the services we can provide for you. This list is non-exhaustive, other types of projects are possible as well.

  • Market research;
  • Research and recommendations for a successful marketing mix;
  • Search for possible suppliers and clients;
  • Visit and internal audit of your affiliates in Colombia;
  • Research of distribution and storage possibilities;
  • Organization of a congress or a convention;
  • Research for strategic opportunities within your sector;
  • Collection of documentation on goods, services, legislation, projects,…;
  • Research on purchase and sales possibilities;
  • Site engineering.

A simple formula

In case you would like to participate in our project, one of the students of the trade mission team will work together with you. The exact assignment that will be executed in Colombia will then be determined by you in consultation with this student. You can choose how the cooperation with the student proceeds. If necessary, you can provide the student with an additional internal education, apart from the necessary self-study, arranged by your company. A good preparation will most likely lead to a successful mission. That way we strive for the best circumstances to accomplish the assignment with a maximum of professionalism and competence.

A strong support

The trade mission team consists of a group of highly motivated commercial engineering students under the academic supervision of Prof. dr. Michaël Dooms and his team, who, when being a student, executed a trade mission themselves. Prof. dr. Dooms accompanied every edition since 2007, including a significant support on site. Moreover, we cooperate with, among others, Flanders Investment & Trade, the Belgian Embassy in Colombia and the Agency for Foreign Trade in order to obtain professional advice and generate the necessary contacts. Even so, we generate preparatory contacts with Solvay Alumni on site. Practicalities like accommodation, local transport, communications, the first appointment, etc. are taken care of as extensively as possible before the departure, in order to be able to commence work from the first day.

The actual mission

During the mission you will be constantly updated about the evolution of the execution of your assignment. We will do so by utilizing all the means of communication we have at our disposal. This will grant you the opportunity to guide us and to adjust the assignment according to the needs of your company if necessary. During the second week of the trade mission, the students deliver an interim report. At the end of the third week of the trade mission, the students deliver a preliminary report of the fieldwork as well as a preliminary Powerpoint presentation with provisional results.

The follow-up

After our mission, the student writes an elaborate report, in which he discusses each action he undertook to execute your assignment in detail and in which he imparts the achieved results. The report is accompanied by an oral elucidation with the presence of Prof. dr. Dooms, the assistent and you, the mandator.

Practical information

Destination: Bogotá, Colombia

Data: March 1st – March 23th

Price: € 3.250 (being a de facto association, Inisol has no VAT obligations). Including all accommodation and travel expenses. The students are not remunerated. Up to 50% can be subsidized by Flanders Investment and Trade.


Should you be interested in our project or would you like more information, do not hesitate to contact us at