Inisol annually organizes a trade mission to an emerging economy. During this three week mission, a group of twenty graduating students individually perform a specific assignment for participating companies under direct academic supervision. We are very committed to making this 28th trade mission another big success.


The past years our trade mission went to Kenya (2018), Indonesia (2017), Malaysia (2016), Chengdu (2015), Kenya (2014), Colombia (2013), Turkey (2012), Vietnam (2011), Indonesia (2010), China (2009) and Brazil (2008).

This year Inisol chose to explore the Colombian market, more specifically Bogotá.

Guidance and support

The trade mission team consists of a group of highly motivated commercial engineering students under the academic supervision of Prof. dr. Michaël Dooms, who, when being a student, executed a trade mission himself and who has supported the last ten editions. He will assist the students with the preparation and the execution of the mission and with the conclusion of the final report. We also cooperate with, among others, Flanders Investment & Trade, the Belgian Embassy and the Agency for Foreign Trade in order to obtain professional advice and generate the necessary contacts. Even so, we generate preparatory contacts with Solvay alumni on site. Practicalities like accommodation, local transport, communications, the first appointments, etc. are taken care off as extensively as possible before the departure, in order to be able to commence work from the first day.

Time Span

The trade mission takes place in the second semester of the academic year, in the months of February – March. Naturally, the preparations for the trade mission are initiated much earlier. The inception report must be handed in ten days before departure at the latest. The final report, being a master thesis, will be handed in eight weeks after our return at the latest. This year the trade mission will take place from March 1st  until March 23th 2019.

Your motivation

The trade mission can be interesting for your company for many reasons. By participating in this mission, you can explore a completely new market or you can further expand your existing network. Dozens of companies can attest to the success they have achieved in previous years after participating in the trade mission. Through years of experience, linked to the support of the Solvay Business School, the Solvay Alumni, Flanders Investment & Trade and both federal and regional Ministers, Inisol disposes of a valuable network of contacts which supports this edition of the annual trade mission in various ways as well.


We work with a simple formula. You can find a complete outline of our procedure in the step-by-step plan in our brochure.

  1. The first phase consists of searching a participating company for each student. Subsequently, the student in Belgium will be thoroughly informed about the objectives of his/her specified assignment. The specification of the assignment will happen in consultation with a representative of Flanders Investment and Trade and a member of the academic guidance
  2. During the 2 to 3 months that precede the trade mission, the mission must be prepared in detail. The assigned student will have to conduct the necessary research in preparation of the assignment on site. This also encompasses a possible education or coaching before the start of the assignment on site. This education or coaching of the student needs to be attended to by the company itself. At the latest ten days before departure, the student must turn in an inception report consisting all the preparatory research.
  3. The third phase, the trade mission itself, consists of an intense research in Colombia. The student team leaves on March 1st 2019 for Colombia, for the execution of the assignments on site. The mission will last 3 weeks. During the period of the mission, every effort will be made to give feedback on a small-scaled and frequent basis, via mail, chat or telephone (e.g. via Skype). During the second week of the trade mission, the students deliver an interim report. At the end of the third week of the trade mission, the students deliver a preliminary report of the fieldwork as well as a preliminary Powerpoint presentation with the provisional results.
  4. During the final phase, each student produces a professional report, with specific attention to the results of the conducted research. The final report needs to be handed over in eight weeks after return at the latest. No later than twelve weeks after return, an oral elucidation must occur with the presence of Prof. dr. Michaël Dooms, the assistant as well as you, the mandator.


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