At Inisol, ‘Career’ implies two core projects, more specifically the Business Forum and the Internship Fair. We will briefly explain these two projects below, but we recommend you to explore them further in detail on the pages dedicated to these subjects.

Business Forum

Each year, Inisol unites students and enterprises in order to close the gap between the academic world on the one hand, and the corporate world on the other. For this purpose, each year we invite a dozen companies to give a presentation at the VUB, campus Etterbeek. This way, master students in commercial engineering, economy, informatics, civil engineering and law are given the opportunity to get an idea of what the corporate world is all about. Each participating company receives the chance to individually motivate the students to apply for a job at this specific organization.

In other words, this forum is the perfect occasion to allow students to acquaint themselves with various companies, with positive results for both parties.

Job and Internship Fair

The goal of the Job and Internship Fair is to create a bridge between our fellow students and a range of companies to facilitate the search for an interesting internship or future job. Doing an internship at an interesting company is not only a fun challenge for each student, but it is also an educational experience where the academic knowledge can be applied in the reality. Finding a future job that fully respects our expectations and interests is extremely important, but unfortunately not always easy.

Of course, companies benefit from this arrangement as well. They are able to make contact with students from various orientations, going from commercial engineering, economy and science to law and civil engineering. That way, companies receive the opportunity to recruit their future interns and/or employees straight from the source.

On behalf of the Career Team,


Sophie Lievens